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Social Ecology -
Sustainable Transformation
& Democratic Renewal

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Social ecology is a way to handle challenges and conflicts where we are part of the problem. The task is to create connexion between the solution of the (environmental) problem and the social sides of our lives. The starting point is that the condition of the individuals has the same importance as the group and the condition of the whole organisation. In social ecology you work with dialogue and consensus. The subject builds on the participants' ideas, needs and resources. It's a way to facilitate social and democratic processes so that they turn discussion into dialogue, turn hidden power and agendas into visible power and agendas, so that all their relations are characterized by mutual respect and understanding. In that situation the dialogue will become a common and social learningprocess for the individual, the group and the whole organisation. And here we will find the sustainable transformation and democratic renewal.

I offer a short workshop about social ecology on 3-4 hours. It starts with a ½ hour introduction to the terminology and turns into a workshop about a local theme where the participants work with 3-4 different dialogueprocesses. The workshop will end with ½ hour talk about how socialecology can be used in a larger scale.

For more information please contact Ditlev Nissen on ditlev@utopiskehorisonter.dk



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